The Living Course
Tracy S.“[TLC] helped me to see that I have so much more power than I thought I had, and every day I use the tools that I learned to continue my growth and development. I didn’t think one weekend would make a difference, but now I talk about my life in terms of before TLC and after TLC, and believe me, the ‘after’ portion is so much happier and more fulfilled. It was the best money I ever spent! Read my blog post: ‘The Greatest Thing That Ever Happened to Me.’
Tracy S., Blogger | New York, NY
Barbara H“While I can’t be certain about the direction my life would have taken had I not done the TLC course 17 years ago, I do believe that it would have taken much longer to find my courage and balance. This work showed me how I can move through my life, being present while committing to that vision of my “best self.” The lessons that take place in the TLC course have changed my life profoundly, and I am forever grateful for the redirection and the community that I have in my life because of this work.”
Barbara H., Interior Designer | New York, NY
James Y.“TLC gave me a time and place to experience emotions that I had sequestered from my daily life. I gained a broader sense of myself and my capabilities by going through this experience. I feel that the lessons I learned over the weekend have continued on, as I am more comfortable now with a wider range of emotions.”
James Y., Builder | Bedford, NY
Jed S“I immediately felt both lighter and deeper after the course. Lighter in the sense that I felt generally more in control and exceedingly optimistic each day. Deeper in the sense that I felt more empowered to impact my decisions on the important aspects of my life.”
Jed S., Chief Financial Officer, New York Legal Assistance Group | New York, NY
Ahuva E“I returned home [from TLC] to find my family praising and loving me in a way I had never experienced before. I finally felt heard! I got out of this course what many years of therapy and talking had never given me. Please take the leap of owe it to yourself. I owe so much to my TLC family. Words could never express my gratitude.”
Ahuva E., Registered Nurse/Designer | New York, NY
Lisa C.“I was acutely aware, after that first course, that I had experienced something extraordinary. Now, amazingly, 20 years later, I am still using the skills I learned (with increasingly better results!!) and continue to see how this on-going adventure profoundly enhances my life!”
Lisa C., Vice President, Sundari, LLC | Ft. Myers, FL
“The Living Course and its group of caring, loving people allowed me to look at myself and face issues in my life which were preventing me from growing and moving forward. I began to examine my life and make changes because I discovered the courage to do so through the course. I found inner strength I never knew that I had.”
Ronnie R., Retired | Wayne, NJ
Jack S“My wife and I took the TLC course more than 20 years ago. In that period, our four children, family members, friends and coworkers have taken the course as well.

I am by nature a skeptic, but I will not equivocate in stating that spending the weekend at the TLC course is a remarkable experience which, for some, can be life altering. Intense and yet full of fun, the course teaches the art of clear communication, how to develop a better understanding of one's goals and aspirations, and the means to find more meaning in one's life.”
Jack S., MD, PhD | Rye, NY