The Living Course

Each participant of The Living Course (TLC) has his/her own individual success story, and we often receive notes about how lives were changed as a result of having spent just one weekend with us. But don’t just take our word for it:

Diane A.“I have been holding onto much anger that I didn't even realize I had inside of me. It has influenced my life long decisions which has not always led me down the right path. TLC showed me to look at life differently and to forgive myself for my mistakes.”
Diane A., Registered Nurse | Watertown, CT
Amanda C.“TLC has dramatically changed the way I show up in the world and in my personal relationships. It has taught me that I am in control of how I think and feel, and that asking for help and support is a sign of strength, and not of weakness.”
Amanda C., Coordinator at a non-profit | New York, NY
Robert B.“TLC  gave me a whole set of new tools to recognize how life is all about how I choose to feel rather than how I react to what others do or believe.”
Robert B., Lawyer & Human Rights Activist | New York, NY
Wendi F.“The Living Course taught me about the life options I have had all along, but never knew existed...[and] gave me so much more than I ever thought possible. I can't wait to go back!”
Wendi F., Self Employed | Poultney, VT
Natalie B.“TLC continues to impact my life every day in countless positive ways. Being in a room of so many people who love and support you and know you on another level is an indescribable and invaluable experience.”
Natalie B., Administrative Coordinator | White Plains, NY
Clarissa S.“I gained invaluable insight into how I come across to others in the world. I knew, before the course, that I put up a wall; what the course revealed, is how that wall is hindering me from living my life to its full potential.”
Clarissa S., Higher Ed Administrator | New York, NY
“My life did a complete 180, in large part because of TLC. As a student, I worked on issues relating to my recent separation. By the time I assisted, a few months later, my wife and I had reconciled and my family was back on track!”
Steve N., Advertising | New York, NY
Jessica R.“I was not excited to take TLC when I went. I was scared of sharing personal things with people I hadn't met before. It was not easy for me to open up, but I am so glad I did. Through the course, I have acquired a deeper understanding of myself, and the tools to empower my life. TLC is a rewarding experience like none I have ever had.”
Jessica R., Music Therapist | Clifton Park, NY