The Living Course

In addition to their other professional training and experience, instructors of The Living Course (TLC) have been certified through an extensive two-year training program at the Global Relationship Centers in Austin, Texas. Expertly skilled in facilitating individual process in a group setting, these instructors are able to lead participants through a series of paradigm shifts in support of their goals for the weekend.

Michael Gorges
Michael Gorges

Michael Gorges has been teaching personal development classes for 20 years. In 1992, he starting teaching Understanding Yourself and Others (UYO)—a precursor to The Living Course (TLC)—and he began teaching the TLC format in 1996. He has led courses throughout the United States and Middle East, and he has almost 10,000 hours of experience as a seminar facilitator. Michael has also been certified to teach courses in parenting, corporate development, and team building.

“When I teach TLC, I get to make a difference. The course empowers people to improve their relationships at home, at work, and with themselves. I am continually inspired by seeing others break through toward more fulfilled lives.”

In addition to being a successful seminar facilitator, Michael has had an exciting career in government and business. After graduating from Columbia University, he spent several years as a Senior Legislative Aide in the United States House of Representatives. He is currently pursuing a successful commercial real estate career.

Barb Hosler - Instructor
Barbara A. Hosler

Barb is from Monroe, Michigan and has owned and operated The Center for Life Enhancement there since 1992. She is an educator, trainer, facilitator, coach, author, wife of 36 years, mother and grandmother.

Barb is a Certified Parent Educator and Trainer with the International Network for Children and Families. For the past 20+ years, she has been sharing her insights and knowledge with individuals, couples, families and teachers; at conventions, in corporations, in classrooms, and as a featured guest on several radio talk shows.

“Teaching TLC all these years has allowed me the opportunity to be a motivating factor in so many individuals’ journey called ‘life.’ Assisting them to achieve new dimensions of relationship with themselves and others—as well as bearing witness to their seeing and accomplishing the vastness of what is possible—has given me a deep sense of purpose and a level of joy and appreciation that is difficult to describe.”

Beyond TLC, Barb continues to motivate and encourage people of all ages to grow beyond what they believe possible through teaching such other personal growth courses as:

  • Redirecting Children’s Behavior—a 15 hour parenting course
  • The Kid’s Course—personal growth and team building for kids ages 8-12
  • The Next Step—a year-long leadership program
  • Living With Power—a one-day empowerment workshop

She has had the pleasure to teach these courses not only in the United States, but in Israel and Spain, as well.

Barb is the proud recipient of the 2007, “Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Award for Uplifting Human Values” given by the international Art of Living Foundation.

Terry Wilson

Terry has been teaching TLC since its creation in 1996. Prior to that, he taught Understand Yourself and Others (UYO), the course from which TLC was derived. Terry’s introduction to this work began when he was a student in the UYO course in December 1987. Following that course, he was accepted into the two-year instructor training program which he completed in December 1990.

Terry has been the only trainer for new TLC instructors since 2006. He is currently preparing to begin training new instructors in Israel.

“During my course experience I was awakened to life, its possibilities, and my potential to achieve anything I want, like nothing ever had before. As a result, I could not wait to be a part of others having a similar experience and seeing the possibilities and options available to them. Getting to teach has allowed me to continue that process and continues to challenge me in ways I could never have imagined before. Simply put, TLC helped me find my passion and get to do it for a living.”

In addition to teaching TLC, Terry teaches a year-long advanced course, The Next Step, which he designed and began teaching in 1997. He also spent 10+ years working with families teaching the national course Redirecting Children’s Behavior (RCB), as well as training instructors for the RCB course. Finally, Terry designed and taught a course for teens, beginning in 1998, which has been taught at the New York center, the Monroe, Michigan center and is still being taught in Israel.