The Living Course

Owner's ManualDuring childhood, you constructed a set of beliefs about your world. Based on your personal experiences, you made decisions about who you are and what you are capable of—as well as formulated your beliefs about men, women, family, love, money, success, failure and so on. Those beliefs became your “owner’s manual” which has served to guide you, help you make sense of the world and keep you safe.

However, this owner’s manual has a flaw: It was written, not by the adult that you are, but by the child that you were. Sometimes the old rules about how to navigate life may seem to apply, and at other times, you may feel lost with no answers. It is almost as if your owner’s manual is missing something—and that “something” is the key to a better life.

The Living Course (TLC) is a 30-hour personal development weekend designed to help you claim your true potential, gain personal insight and adopt new means to create the life you want.

TLC is based on the work of Alfred Adler, the father of individual psychology and his protégé and eminent child psychiatrist Rudolf Dreikurs, who believed that the events one experiences during childhood have a strong impact on the decisions one makes about life. Therefore, decisions you made as a child have become the foundation of your private belief system, and while these beliefs may have served you well as a child, many of them may have inhibited your ability to live the life you desire today. TLC will assist you in examining those out-dated beliefs and offer the tools with which to re-decide. By eliminating deep-rooted obstacles, The Living Course allows for success in choosing joy, peace and closeness with others.

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