The Living Course

Presented in a customized course room format, The Living Course (TLC) combines personal exercises, group interaction and intensive instruction to help you improve your relationships with others by improving your relationship with yourself.

TLC is not a “one size fits all” program, but an individualized approach to self-discovery for the purpose of experiencing your full potential.

The basic structure of TLC remains the same from course to course. However, every TLC weekend is unique because the topics of discussion are shaped by the needs of those attending. The course is limited to just 14 participants in order to provide you with the benefit of significant personal attention from our two experienced instructors, who will help you confront your obstacles and lead you to the insight you need to charge forward.

Among other things, we will show you how to:

  • Stop reacting to life, and instead take charge and live from a position of choice
  • Take ownership of past mistakes and use them as learning tools
  • Overcome angry feelings and resentment about yourself or others
  • Take charge of your career and achieve the level of success you want
  • Learn to be authentic and create real closeness in your relationships
  • Get out of the everyday rut and experience living with joy and enthusiasm

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