The Living Course
Judy S with husband Jack“[TLC] has given me the tools and the insights to enhance my relationships with loved ones, friends and colleagues. I find myself aware of my behaviors that interfere with clear direct communication with others. TLC has changed my life in extraordinary ways; the quality of my relationships, my capacity to experience joy, and my ability to express my feelings effectively in every part of my life.”
Judy S., Teacher, Alexander Technique | Rye, NY
Adeena“TLC has helped me understand my emotions and live life more fully, calmly and happily. In a very short time I gained insight into my inner self, enabling me to be more honest and open with others—and with myself. To this day I continue to feel empowered to grow personally and professionally, and to have more meaningful relationships in every aspect of my life.”
Adeena S., Food Writer/Recipe Developer | New York, NY
Melissa B“I took TLC because I’ve wanted to live a fulfilling life, but I have felt held back by some of my lifelong resentments and ways of coping. Many of the old rules I had in my head from childhood about how to interact with people don’t apply to me as an adult. This course gave me the tools to live a happier, joyous, and successful life. The instructors taught me how to let go of what held me back so I could have better relationships with my loved ones. Best of all, I now know how to have a better relationship with myself and experience the wonderful truth of who I am on a daily basis.”
Melissa B., Medical Editor | Chester, NY
Mike S.“I was skeptical going into this course. It seemed difficult to believe that I—or anyone—could change much in just a couple of days. It only dawned on me afterward that the course gives you the tools, and the real change happens later, when you start to use them. I had also hesitated for a while because I didn't have much money. Worth every penny.”
Mike S., Musician/Non-Profit Management | New York, NY
Maura H.“Before I took the course, I had been on the journey of working on my self for years and I wondered what TLC could really offer that was any different. The answer: everything. TLC provided an inspiring, enlightening and safe haven for me to bust through personal roadblocks that I had been working on for years. What I was able to accomplish during that short weekend was deeper and more effective than I could ever have imagined. I am so grateful for the experience.”
Maura H., Naturopathic Doctor | New York, NY
Elvy S.“I started my weekend TLC course in a state of despair, I ended it with a hope and sense of freedom I never expected to feel again. That wonderful feeling has stayed with me for years because I received tools for dealing with life and a new perspective on who I am. I am so grateful to have joy again.”
Elvy S., Retired Teacher | Monroe, NY
Scott E.“TLC changed my life forever. If you want it to it will change yours. If you feel like you deserve more but don’t know how to get it, you can find it and break through it. Without reservation, I recommend, no I request, please take action and heal your life.”
Scott E., Physician | Monroe, MI
“[TLC] provided the support and inspiration to change my life. The instructors are true experts and created a safe haven for the students to truly find themselves. An unforgettable experience.”
Kimberly M., Fashion | New York, NY
Tricia R.I’m so thankful that I took a chance and signed up for TLC. It was a gift to myself that I never imagined would have such far-reaching payoffs in my life. I experienced profound strength, empowerment, joy, and peace in just one weekend. I can honestly say I will remember and utilize what I've learned in TLC for the rest of my life.
Trisha R., Publishing Promotions Associate | New York, NY

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